Walking Routes

Route ID: Created by Length(metres) Time(mins)

Walking Route: Long Walk from Attenborough to Trent Meadows and back

Distance: 2.5
052.9005220000003-1.23386469311527test route point 0
152.9001078129553-1.23425093121341test route point 1
252.8976484958364-1.23081770367435test route point 2
352.8963540623442-1.22892942852786test route point 3
452.8930142453771-1.23626795239261test route point 4
552.8927294428743-1.24167528576663test route point 5
652.8913830784372-1.24502268261722test route point 6
752.8918750241378-1.24776926464847test route point 7
852.8933249368822-1.25064459271243test route point 8
952.8942569980348-1.25073042340091test route point 9
1052.8971825042332-1.24570932812503test route point 10
1152.9015056783654-1.23875704235843test route point 11
1252.9011173869416-1.23665419049075test route point 12
1352.9002631335611-1.23485174603275test route point 13
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