SpotterJotter Do's and Don'ts

Spotter Jotter Do’s

  • Do enjoy the Page and have fun.
  • Do post your photos, we love to see them all!
  • Do join in the conversations.
  • Do please share your wildlife experiences, funny or not we love to hear them.
  • Do enter the Monthly competitions (All winners are published in the SpoJo Calendar)
  • Do please post your sightings. We your data!
  • Do ask for ID’s we have some brilliant birders who would love to help you!
  • Do remember all pics are entered into a daily competition where the winning pic is tweeted.
    Should you not wish to enter please post your pic with NT (No Tweet) plainly visible alongside the pic.

Spotter Jotter Don’ts

  • Do Not post any nest pics! This is not a debatable point!
    See here for RSPB information about wild birds and the law
  • Do Not post any pics of dead animals unless they are prey items.
  • Do Not swear (Children use this page).
  • Do Not post more than 3 pics on our Facebook group page unless they are in an album.
  • Do not use the page for advertising unless with admins consent.
  • Do Not flick through the Facebook group albums 'liking' every pic, it splits the album up into separate pics and clogs the page up!

Many Thanks for being members of our page.
We pride ourselves on having a brilliant friendly membership!
Please remember our admin staff are here to help as well as to ensure the rules are adhered to…
...In fact we would love it if we never had to enforce any rules!
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